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Jam classes

All of our students who enroll in jam classes
grow exponentially by the end of the course. Our workshops are packed with high-octane rocket fuel to blast you into musical hyperspace. Work with expert instructors to gain new
levels of mastery in a specific, highly focused arena of your musicianship.

Blues Jam Mastery

Guitar - 10 weeks (1 hour sessions)

This 10 week course will take you from the basics of the 12 Bar Blues all the way through building your soloing chops and how to create unique and colorful phrases. At one hour weekly sessions we cover Blues chords, scales and most importantly, how to put everything together and feel comfortable using the full fretboard to take solos.

Our Classes

Jazz Jam Mastery

All Instruments - 10 weeks (1 hour sessions)

If you're new to playing jazz and trying to wrap your head (and fingers) around how to play through all of the intricate chords, you need this class. To really learn to play this music, you need to be playing with other musicians and learning to use motifs and jazz style phrasing. In 10 weeks we cover the essentials to play standards and improvise over the changes confidently and with intention.

Fretboard Mastery

Guitar - 10 weeks (1 hour sessions)

What's the number one killer of most guitar players' creativity?

The Answer: Not having a thorough understanding of the fretboard and getting "lost" constantly in the middle of playing. If this is you, rest assured. All of our students who have taken this class have made remarkable improvement. The truth is, there's a very logical way of looking at the fretboard. The problem is, no one ever showed you

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