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one on one Lessons

One on one lessons are where most people begin when learning to play an
instrument. It's also where pros go to enrich their skills and cultivate their
craft in specific areas such as songwriting, theory and improvisation.

Wherever your destination, our instructors are dedicated to helping
you overcome the challenges and surpass your expectations.


The most important thing to get right in the "beginner stage" is approaching the instrument with the right mindset.

As a beginner, your lessons will be focused around "early wins" and playing songs you love right from the start. We will also make sure you develop good habits that will sustain your playing for the years to come!

Guitar - Bass - Piano - Drums & Percussion


This is the stage most people tend to plateau and may experience a loss in confidence.

At this stage, we will shift our focus on more specific goals. Challenging yourself is imperative here as well as reverse engineering your playing goals and the way you want to sound in order to develop the skills you need for success!


Unlock your full potential! Even professional musicians continue to invest in their skills. This is the reason they are world class. To break through the barriers of advanced levels of playing, we will target highly specific goals and areas of your playing, as well as help you overcome the specific challenges holding you back as a musician. 


Includes a 30 minute one on one lesson

at a set time each week. 

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Hour Lessons


Includes a 60 minute one on one lesson at a set time each week

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Half Hour Lessons

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