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Frequently Asked Questions

about Lessons

Private lessons are scheduled at the same day and time each week. We offer 30 min as well as 60 min lesson packages. 

"How much do private lessons cost?"

Private lessons are billed monthly at a flat rate of 139/month for 30 min lessons and 269/month for 60 min lessons. When your lesson day occurs 5 times within the month, the 5th lesson is included free!

“What are workshops and masterclasses?”

We've created a series of group classes for serious students interested in exploring very specific topics. Some of our current classes include Fretboard Mastery for guitarists, a Blues Jam class as well as a Jazz ensemble.

“Do I need my own instrument?”

If you're a new beginner and don't own an instrument, you may borrow one of our studio instruments for your lesson free of charge. This is a good idea even if you do have the funds to purchase a new instrument right away as your teacher will be able to recommend the best instrument for your taste, stature etc. However, after your first lesson you will want to  have an instrument to take home and practice with. We offer a few instruments for purchase or rental for your convenience. 

Have another question?

Feel free to Email us at or visit our contact form 

“How are private lessons scheduled? How long is a lesson?"
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