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Hourly rehearsal spaces for musicians by musicians. We offer three rooms, 
each outfitted with a P.A. system, full drum kit (including cymbals/hardware)
tube amplifiers, bass amps, and more! 

Hourly bookings always include a sound check. Inquire about special rates for solo artists/drummers. Learn more about each room below.

2 hour booking minimum**
The Fishermen - pictured above

Our Rooms

The Jam Room

22' x 16.5'

Our smallest room (still with plenty of space) is perfect for bands on a budget or friends looking for a space to jam.

  • 600 Watt PA system

  • Premier drums (+ hi hat, ride & crash)

  • Fender Hot Rod DeVille

  • Marshall JCM900 Guitar Head

  • Vox AC50 Guitar Combo

  • Randall RG 100 Guitar Head

  • Hartke Model 2000 Bass head

  • Fender Rumble bass combo

  • Upright piano 

The Stage Room

36' x 25'

Ideal for professional and gigging bands. Features a 22' x 12' stage perfect for simulating a live show.

  • 1200 watt PA system

  • Pearl drums (+ hi hat, ride & crash)

  • Fender Hot Rod DeVille Guitar Combo

  • Rock N Rolls Amps Guitar Head

  • Randall RG 100w Guitar Head

  • Genz Benz tube bass head

  • Acoustic 122 Bass combo

  • Baldwin Baby Grand piano

The Studio

22' x 21'

Professional recording environment outfitted with our finest vintage and high end gear.

  • 600 watt PA system

  • Vintage Ludwig drums (+ hi hat, ride, crash)

  • Vintage Ampeg Reverbrocket 2 tube combo

  • Vintage Fender Twin Reverb tube combo

  • Vox AC30 tube combo

  • Eden WTX500 Head

  • Ampeg SVT II Head

  • Baldwin Upright Piano

  • Fender Rhodes 73 electric piano

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