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Instrument Repair

Every instrument needs to be maintained properly for a long lifespan and great playability. When your instrument is not working this prevents you from getting 100% out of it and can even prevent you from working if you're a professional player. 

Our lead technician Cliff is an expert and can guarantee fast, friendly and reliable service. We are always honest and communicative about specific issues, repairs and pricing. It is for these reasons many pros and hobbyists alike trust us with their gear.

In the end you will have a great sounding instrument that is ready to play,
record and gig with confidence.

Guitar & Bass Repair

  • Re-string (incl. fretboard cleaning/hydration)

  • Set-ups (incl. restring, intonation adjustment, neck relief, fretboard hydration, cleaning & polish)

  • Electronics (pickup installation, grounding issues etc.)

  • Frets ("Dead" frets/Fret buzz issues, Leveling, Polish)

  • Nuts (Installation, Lubrication, Repairs, String spacing/sizing)

  • Hardware (installation/replacement of bridges, tuners, etc.)

  • Structural Repairs (Cracks, holes, broken necks/bracing etc.)

Call to inquire about pricing and other services


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